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Then you have come to the right place!


Yes, you read that right! We are 1 of the few real estate agencies that is at your service from Monday to Sunday from 9.00 am to 8.30 pm.


As opposed to other real estate agencies, we think ‘outside of the box’ and go the extra mile to rent out a property. You may now think that it’s ‘tricky’ to just go ahead and say that. However, since we have been working in the property market for a while, we now know what the homeowner and / or investor is looking for, when it comes to what they want from the rental broker. We also know that individuals in search of a rental property prefer to view and visit properties after working/business hours. Yet there are still no real estate agencies that offer this option. However, we bring immediate change. We distinguish ourselves in the real estate world as a rental agent because, in addition to our full-time service we also take on tasks such as photographing the house professionally, advertising through different channels, scheduling viewings, and finding a reliable tenant for you, where your needs are heard and listened to, offer transparency, be honest and advise you! How about a free rental price recommendation? Make an appointment today!

All in all, enough reasons to choose I AM REAL ESTATE!


We can ensure that you have no vacancies and that the property is rented as quickly as possible. We can realize this claim due to the very large number of home seekers who have already signed up with us. This way we can offer your property directly to the right target groups.


We make every effort to rent your home and go to work with enthusiasm. Nothing is too much to ask from us. Suppose we have a viewing with potential tenants, they are in love with the house but are not convinced of the neighbourhood as they do not know the neighbourhood well. We do not leave it at that. We give them a guided tour around the neighbourhood, show them all the nice hotspots and make sure that they become just as enthusiastic and convinced about the property and the neighbourhood as we are. This way we offer a little extra service in all areas.

Even for home seekers we like to offer just a little bit more, because we know better than anyone how annoying it can be to request time off from work for a viewing! That is why we offer the possibility to schedule viewings on both Saturdays and Sundays! And since we do not have a 9 to 5 mentality, we also offer the opportunity to have viewings after working/business hours! Here too, we offer extra service, and that is what we mean by, “we do things just a little bit more and it is just a little bit different”.


We are fast, do not wait, make the right matches and stay sharp! We take the burden off you completely and ensure that the entire rental process runs smoothly.

In addition to finding a very reliable tenant, we also take care of everything in relation to the ‘rental’ process. We arrange for professional photographs to be taken, advertise the property, schedule viewings, screen for identity, antecedents and creditworthiness/history!

We also draw up the rental agreement together with you and the tenant. Additionally, we also do a pre-inspection and take care of the key handover.

Please fill in the questionnaire below if you have a property that you would like for us to rent out and of course you can also email us for more information at